Tent Pegging


Tent pegging is a former cavalry sport from Asia. Today, it is performed on all continents. Competitions are completed alone or as a team. The aim of the original tent pegging was to spear a peg in the ground from horseback at a full gallop. Nowadays, however, the term covers all equestrian disciplines where riders attack a target with a weapon from horseback. These targets can for example be rings, citrus fruits or straw-filled dummies.


Individual, Half Section and Team Lance

This is the original tent pegging. The riders’ goal is to take up a peg from the ground using a lance. If the discipline is completed as a pair or team of four, riders start next to each other. Points are awarded for hits on the peg and sometimes the style of the rider or team.

Individual, Half Section and Team Sword

Individual and Team Sword work analogously to Individual and Team Lance, the only difference being the type of weapon used, namely a sword.

Ring Ring Peg

The aim of Ring Ring Pegis to take up two rings hanging from gallows and subsequently draw a peg. Usually, this is done with a lance; swords are possible weapons, too.

Lemon Lemon Peg

This discipline requires cutting citrus fruits hanging from gallows and drawing a peg afterwards. The sword is the only weapon used for Lemons and Pegs.

Skill at Arms

1st leg: Jumps and Balloons

This leg consists of three jumps that have three balloons placed next to them. The goal is to make these balloons burst mid-jump. Riders can use either a cap pistol or a pricker.

2nd leg: Dummies

In this leg, riders attack two straw-filled dummies, symbolising infantrymen, with a sword. If they hit the heart of the dummy, they receive a higher score.

3rd leg: Rings and Pegs

This leg is analogous to the single discipline Ring Ring Peg.

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