Tent Pegging


Horse’s equipment

  • breastplate or crupper that prevents the saddle from shifting
  • bit that allows to easily steer the horse one-handed but at the same time prevents it getting over the rein
  • optional: martingal, dressage whip
  • boots


Many riders use historical weapons, others choose self-made equipment. It is recommended to use the same equipment for practise and competition, as differences will have a great impact on performance. The usual weapons are lance and sword; some disciplines require cap pistols and prickers.


Besides weapons and an even riding track, the following equipment is required for practising the different tent pegging disciplines:
  • pegs
    Pegs must be made from wood or another spearable material. They should be of a bright colour and at least 30 cm long. To simulate a real competition, pegs are required with 4 and 6 cm width. Wooden pegs should be soaked in water before practise to prevent them from splitting.
  • gallows for overhead disciplines
  • rings for overhead disciplines
  • dummies for Skill at Arms

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