ITPF Annual General Meeting 2018, Khasab, Oman

From 24 to 29 January 2018, two representatives of Tentpegging Germany (Peter Kramer and Christian Dietzel) travelled to the fourth Annual General Meeting of the global tentpegging association ITPF seated in Oman. Tentpegging Germany already took part in the inaugural meeting of the ITPF in 2013.


World Cup Qualifier 2018, Khartum, Sudan

Third place for Germany. Tentpegging Germany takes part in the ITPF qualifier in Sudan from 19 to 23 January 2018 where the participants for the Tentpegging World Cup in the second half of 2018 are chosen. For Tentpegging Germany the following members participate: Christian Dietzel, Ilka Evers, Peter Kramer and Anna Schmidt-Pauly. The tournament is completed together with riders from the Deutscher Tent Pegging Verband (German Tent Pegging Association) that were represented by Dr. Angela Breme and Steffen Kukral.

Founding of the German Tent Pegging Union

With the World Cup qualifier at Khartum in Sudan in sight, representatives of Tentpegging Germany and the Deutscher Tent Pegging Verband (German Tent Pegging Association) decided on 2 January 2018 to found the German Tent Pegging Union (GTPU). From now on, the Union is the German national governing body and represents the German tentpegging riders at the ITPF General Meeting on 27 January 2018. It also organises the German national team and sends it to ITPF tournaments.

National Tentpegging Tournament, George, South Africa

For a South African tentpegging tournament from 11 to 14 January 2018, around 70 riders and their horses travelled to George, Western Cape province, ca 430 km east of Cape Town. The horses were set up in outdoor paddocks; the human participants at a nearby holiday park. Benny Heckroodt provided Tent Pegging Germany rider Ilka Evers with one of his tentpegging-tried Lipizzaners.


Muiderberg 2017

This year, Tent Pegging Germany once more participated successfully in the tentpegging tournament at Muiderberg in the Netherlands from 23 to 24 September. The following riders represented Germany:

Christian Dietzel

Isabel Kühnel

Talina Lorei

Anna Schmidt-Pauly

Faszination Pferd Nuremberg

On 3 and 4 November 2017, Tent Pegging Germany riders were invited to show their skills at the trade fair Faszination Pferd (Fascination Horse) in Nuremberg for the first time. Ilka Evers, Aileen Froitzheim, Anna Schmidt-Pauly, Larissa Scheiwein and Frank Seidel demonstrated the sport of tentpegging, that is still little known in Germany, during the TOP GALA-Shows 2017 that are the annual crowning of the popular trade fair Faszination Pferd.

IInd German Tentpegging Championship

From 8 to 10 September, the second German Tentpegging Championship after 2016 took place in Crawinkel, near Gotha, as well as an international tentpegging tournament that ran at the same time. There were countless participants from South Africa, the UK, the US, the Netherlands and Germany. Special mention goes to the South African ladies national team that were hosted by Tentpegging Germany for ten days. Germany provided two teams – a ladies team and a mixed team – as well as further individual riders.

Announcement: IInd German Tentpegging Championship

From 8 to 10 September, the second German Tentpegging Championship takes place in Crawinkel, near Gotha. The tournament serves as the qualifier for the German national team that takes part in the 2018 World Cup hosted by the International Tent Pegging Federation (ITPF).

Tentpegging Competitions in Pakistan 2017

In February and March 2017, the German team took part in several national and international tentpegging championships in Pakistan. The team enjoyed incomparable hospitality and was welcomed very warmly. Christian Dietzel, Ilka Every, Jenny Horvath and Peter Kramer rode for Germany.

The “Penta Grand” in India 2017

From 9 to 16 April 2017, the sports event “Penta Grand”, an international tournament for U23 riders, took place in India. This year there was a delegation from Tent Pegging Germany. At temperatures of about 45 degrees Celsius, riders Larissa Scheiwein and Talina Lorei completed the different disciplines either individually, as a pair or as part of a team of four together with two members of the South African tentpegging association. They participated in Individual Lance, Individual Sword, Half Section Lance, Half Section Sword, Full Section Lance, Full Section Sword as well as Indian File, Lemons and Pegs and Rings and Pegs.