International Dutch Championships in Tent Pegging

Teams from the Netherlands, Germany and the European Tent Pegging Association competed in an international tournament in Muiderberg near Amsterdam.

German riders started for the German Tent Pegging Union (GTPU) or the European Tent Pegging Association (ETPA) and were very successful: Christian Dietzel (ETPA, rank 3), Jenny Horvath (GTPU, rank 4), Lea Frings (ETPA, 6), Kim Möbus (GTPU, 7), Frank Seidel (GTPU, 8) and Jason Drobek GTPU, 12). This rain-swept competition ended with the following results.

Best Team

  1. Netherlands (360,5)
  2. Europe (290)
  3. Germany (283)

Best Rider, Master of Arms

  1. André Olthof (90)
  2. Eline Heesterbeek (79,5)
  3. Christian Dietzel (79)

Individual Sword

  1. André Olthof
  2. Eline Heesterbeek
  3. Kim Möbus

Individual Lance

  1. Frank Seidel
  2. André Olthof
  3. Christian Dietzel

Ring Ring Peg Sword

  1. Christian Dietzel
  2. Olivier Scheerder
  3. Eline Heesterbeek

Ring Ring Peg Lance

  1. André Olthof
  2. Jaffar Asghar
  3. Kelvin Hilgeholt

Orange Orange Peg

  1. Jenny Horvath
  2. André Olthof
  3. Christian Dietzel

Half Section Sword

  1. Eline Heesterbeek, Olivier Scheerder
  2. Jenny Horvath, Kim Möbus
  3. André Olthof, Jaffar Asghar

Half Section Lance

  1. Jenny Horvath, Kim Möbus
  2. Eline Heesterbeek, Olivier Scheerder
  3. André Olthof, Jaffar Asghar

German Champion 2019: Anna Schmidt-Pauly and Magdalena Grimm of Tentpegging Germany lead the ranking equivalently

Australian national team competes. Guests from Great Britain and the Netherlands represent the ETPA. Results of the 4th International German Championships.

From September 13 till 15 2019, the 4th International German Championships in tent pegging took place in Crawinkel/Thuringia. The competition was judged by international ITPF judges Tina Ricketts-Smith (GB) and Christina Swinton (AUS).It was organized by Tentpegging Germany. The results are the following:

Best Team
1. Australia (540 Punkte)
2. Tentpegging Germany I (364)
3. Oder-Spree-Tentpegger & Tentpegging Germany II (322)

Best Rider International
1. Aedan Staats (154)
2. Scott Miller (132)
3. Anna Schmidt-Pauly & Donna Davidson (128)

Best Rider National
1. Anna Schmidt-Pauly (128)
2. Angela Breme & Christian Dietzel (118)

German Champion and national ranking
1. Anna Schmidt-Pauly & Magdalena Grimm* (76,2 %)
3. Angela Breme & Christian Dietzel (70,2 %)
5. Steffen Kukral (65,5 %)
6. Ute Herman* & Talina Lorei (61,9 %)
8. Jason Drobek* (57,1 %)
9. Kim Möbus (54,8 %)
10. Frank Seidel (51,2 %)
11. Jessy Greiner (9,5 %)
(*current result dropped in favour of result from German International Championships in Krügersdorf 2019)

Individual Lance
1. Donna Davidson (18)
2. Aedan Staats (16)
3. Scott Miller (14)
4. Christine Staats (14)
5. Talina Lorei (12)
6. Anna Schmidt-Pauly (12)
7. Frank Seidel (12)
8. Kim Möbus (10)
9. Angela Breme (10)
10. Ute Herman (8)
11. Christian Dietzel (6)
12. Steffen Kukral (6)
13. Jason Drobek, Jessy Greiner, Magdalena Grimm, Arne van Wageningen

Section Lance
1. Australia, Scott Miller, Aedan Staats, Christine Staats, Donna Davidson (58)
2. Tentpegging Germany I, Christian Dietzel, Anna Schmidt-Pauly, Magdalena Grimm, Jason Drobek (46)
3. Tentpegging Germany II, Kim Möbus, Arne van Wageningen, Frank Seidel, Talina Lorei (44)
4. Oder-Spree-Tentpegger, Angela Breme, Steffen Kukral, Ute Herman, Jessy Greiner (42)

Individual Sword
1. Aedan Staats (18)
1. Ute Herman (12)
2. Kim Möbus (12)
3. Donna Davidson (12)
4. Anna Schmidt-Pauly (12)
5. Magdalena Grimm (12)
6. Frank Seidel (12)
7. Scott Miller (10)
8. Steffen Kukral (6)
9. Christine Staats (6)
10. Arne van Wageningen (4)
11. Angela Breme (2)
12. Christian Dietzel, Jason Drobek, Jessy Greiner, Talina Lorei

Section Sword
1. Australia (54)
2. Oder-Spree-Tentpegger (46)
3. Tentpegging Germany I (36)
4. Tentpegging Germany II (26)

Ring & Peg
1. Scott Miller (32)
2. Aedan Staats (32)
3. Angela Breme (30)
4. Donna Davidson (30)
5. Christian Dietzel (30)
6. Talina Lorei (24)
7. Christine Staats (22)
8. Steffen Kukral (22)
9. Anna Schmidt-Pauly (18)
10. Kim Möbus (12)
11. Magdalena Grimm (12)
12. Ute Herman (10)
13. Jessy Greiner (6)
14. Frank Seidel (6)
15. Arne van Wageningen (4)

Lemon & Peg
1. Aedan Staats (36)
2. Steffen Kukral (30)
3. Anna Schmidt-Pauly (30)
4. Angela Breme (30)
5. Scott Miller (30)
6. Magdalena Grimm (30)
7. Christian Dietzel (30)
8. Christine Staats (30)
9. Donna Davidson (24)
10. Kim Möbus (24)
11. Talina Lorei (24)
12. Ute Herman (18)
13. Arne van Wageningen (16)
14. Frank Seidel (16)
15. Jessy Greiner (6)

Half Section, Pairs
1. Christine Staats, Donna Davidson (24)
2. Aedan Staats, Scott Miller (22)
3. Frank Seidel, Talina Lorei (18)
4. Christian Dietzel, Anna Schmidt-Pauly (16)
5. Kim Möbus, Arne van Wageningen (12)
6. Angela Breme, Steffen Kukral (12)
7. Ute Herman, Jessy Greiner (6)

Indian File, Single File
1. Australia (38)
2. Tentpegging Germany I (34)
3. Tentpegging Germany II (34)
4. Oder-Spree-Tentpegger (20)

For the fourth time in a row: The International German Championships at Crawinkel

 From 13 to 15 September, German tent pegging riders have the possibility to compete against the Australian national teamat Crawinkel/Thuringia – for the first time. The open tournament welcomes interested riders to compete as well. 

Tent pegging: With roots in the historical cavalry, this modern tournament sport requires high focus, a secure seat on horseback, good coordination between hands and eyes and of course, a strong connection between horse and rider. The sport is especially popular in the countries it originated from, India and Pakistan, as well as in the Arabic countries and Commonwealth nations. Over the last years however, it gained popularity in Europe, too. 

Australian national team and European teams 

The internationally successful team Tentpegging Germany already hosts the fourth championships. The contestants are going to compete against each other in different events. 4,000 spectators were thrilled by last year’s installment of the tournament in the Thüringeti already – just as many are expected to visit this year. For the first time, the Australian national team is visiting and participating in the championships. In addition to the aforementioned riders from Australia and Germany, many other states are sending their national team to the tournament as well. Expected are teams from Great Britain, Poland, Hungary, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. 

Open tournament: to the registration

You will find further information on the Tent pegging tournament at Crawinkel, as well as information on the registration process and the Championships of the cavalry, which take place simultaneously, here:


Participation rules

28th to 30th June: International Tent Pegging Tournament in Krügersdorf – Team Tentpegging Germany very successful

On the occasion of the 650-years celebrations of Krügersdorf in Brandenburg, a tent pegging tournament saw six teams with a total of 24 riders compete with each other. Special guest of the tournament: former world champion South Africa.

 On the last weekend of June 2019, an international tent pegging tournament organized by the Oder Spree -Tent Peggers was held under a blistering 40 degrees and bright blue skies. The contest took place on the occasion of the 650-years celebrations of the village Krügersdorf. The participating teams of the modern tournament sport were the former world champions from South Africa, a team from Norway, the German national teams I and II, a United Nations team with riders from South Africa, the Netherlands, Uruguay and Germany, as well as the guest team Agsima.

Tentpegging Germany successful
The team Tentpegging Germany started successfully with Christian Dietzel, Jason Drobek, Anna Schmidt-Pauly and Magdalena Grimm. In the international part of the tournament, Anna Schmidt-Pauly and Christian Dietzel reached the team silver medal. In the second part of the tournament, Magdalena Grimm and Jason Drobek even reached the team gold medal. In the results for the riders of the tournament as a whole, Magdalena Grimm reached second place, Anna Schmidt-Pauly seventh and Jason Drobek ninth.

Horses were allotted randomly
Except for Agsima, all tournament horses were distributed randomly by lot, in accordance with the rules of the International Tent Pegging Federation (ITPF) for international contests. However, the German riders were especially fortunate: their team members Angela Breme, Steffen Kukral and Ute Herman from Oder Spree Tent Peggers drew their own horses and started with them for the two German teams.

Competition in two parts
The tournament was split into two separate parts, consisting of 3 teams each. The first part was the “international tournament” with the teams South Africa, Norway and Germany I. The second part was the “guest tournament” with the teams United Nations, Germany II and Agsima. Here the results:


I. Tournament as a whole

Team results

  1. South Africa (414)
  2. Germany II (392)
  3. Germany I (356)
  4. United Nations (318)
  5. Norway (302)
  6. Agsima (242)

Individual results positions 1-10

1. Cecilia van Niekerk, South Africa (144)
2. Magdalena Grimm, Germany, and Hannelie Heckroodt, South Africa (128)
4. Dalene Baksa, South Africa (120)
5. Angela Breme, Germany (114)
6. Zubair Akram, Norway (110)
7. Ute Herman and Anna Schmidt-Pauly, both Germany (104)
9. Jason Drobek, Germany, and Arne van Wageningen, Netherlands (96)


II. International Tournament

Team results

  1. South Africa, Hannelie Heckroodt, Dalene Baksa, Monika Cronje, Suritha Venter (414)
  2. Germany I, Angela Breme, Steffen Kukral, Christian Dietzel, Anna Schmidt-Pauly (356)
  3. Norway, Zubair Akram, Line H. Eide Flaten, Silje Botten, Mamoon Gondal (302)

Individual results

  1. Hannelie Heckroodt, South Africa (128)
  2. Dalene Baksa, South Africa (120)
  3. Angela Breme, Germany (114)


III. Guest Tournament

Team results

  1. Germany II, Jason Drobek, Lea Frings, Magdalena Grimm, Ute Herman (392)
  2. United Nations, Arne van Wageningen, Cecilia van Niekerk, Nacho Morteiro, Jessy Greiner (318)
  3. Agsima, Benno Rochow, Daja Ziehfuss, Markus Scholle-Ziehfuss, Lea Oppelt (242)

Individual results

  1. Cecilia van Niekerk, United Nations (144)
  2. Magdalena Grimm, Germany II (128)
  3. Ute Herman, Germany II (104)

Prince Malik Ata Muhammad Khan from Pakistan visiting Tentpegging Germany

Prince Malik Ata Muhammad Khan from Pakistan visiting Tentpegging Germany in Frankfurt/Germany.

One of the founders of the International Tent Pegging Federation and an outstanding worldwide promotor of the equestrian sport tent pegging caught up on the current state of tent pegging in Germany, recent competitions and the further steps of development planned.

Riders from European Tent Pegging Association in Abu Dhabi

Riders of the European Tent Pegging Association were represented by both the British and the German team at the international tent pegging competition in Abu Dhabi, which took place from 19 February to 24 February 2019.

The international tent pegging competition was hosted by the United Arab Emirates at the Boudheib International Endurance Village at HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s invitation. The British team was represented by five equestrians, the German team by four. Angela Breme, Kim Möbus, Steffen Kukral and Christian Dietzel competed for the German team. The British team consisted of Jerry Watkins, Christopher Doyle Marron, Jenna Copley, Bradley Clifford and Paul Brown (reserve). They competed against teams from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco. The horses that were ridden were the regional Arabian stallions, which are characterized by their ambitious nature as well as their high speed. The Arabian stallions were assigned by lot. The different events were classical sword and lance events Individual and Section as well as overhead targets and Indian file.

The British team reached the fourth place with the following scores: Bradley Clifford (114 points), Jenna Copley (70), Christopher Doyle Marron (66.5), and Jerry Watkins (64). Bradley Clifford was in the leading group of all participants. Even though Germany only scored fifth place, their equestrians Angela Breme and Christian Dietzel belonged to the best non-professional riders of the competition. What deserves particular attention is the fact that nineteen-year-old junior equestrian Kim Möbus attended her first international competition in Abu Dhabi and was thus able to gain her first abroad experiences. This is how the German riders performed: Angela Breme (86.5), Christian Dietzel (76), Steffen Kukral (51) and Kim Möbus (14).The overall winners of the competition were the hosts from the United Arab Emirates.

3rd German International Tent Pegging Championship

From 7th to 9th September 2018, the 3rd German International Tent Pegging Championship was held in Crawinkel, Thuringia. Beside three German teams, the British national team took part in the tournament.

As part of the Days of the Calvary, three German tent pegging teams and the British national team were able to showcase their equestrianism skills. The tournament was held by the Deutscher Kavallerieverband (German Cavalry Association) under the patronage of Minister-President of Thuringia Bodo Ramelow. Over 1000 spectators came to see the tournament, which was held over the weekend in Thüringeti near Crawinkel. Champion of the tournament was Isabel Kühnel from Frankfurt am Main. Tentpegging Germany and the German Tent Pegging Union took the first two places in the team competition. The British Tentpegging Association, consisting of members of the Household Troops, took third place. Furthermore the German Tent Pegging Union proudly accepted the silver Ehrenteller, a prize awarded by the Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community Horst Seehofer. The German riders are looking forward to an invitation by the British team to London 2019.

Gold medal for Tentpegging Germany

The team of Tentpegging Germany once again participated successfully in an international tournament. From 28th to 30th September 2018, the International Netherlands Championship took place in Muiderberg, Amsterdam. 

A four person team from Tentpegging Germany participated in the tournament for Germany. At the same time, other members of the club were guests at the South African Championship. Teams from Great Britain and the Netherlands also participated in the tournament. The German team, consisting of Jason Drobek, Aileen Froitzheim, Jenny Horvath and Frank Seidel, took 4th place. In the discipline Half Section Sword, Jenny Horvath and Aileen Froitzheim took home the gold medal.

German Tent Pegging Union successful once again

The German Tent Pegging Union team successfully participated in a tournament from 14th to 16th September 2018 in Asker, Norway, and was able to stand out from the other teams. 

Four riders from the German Tent Pegging Union, Angela Breme, Christian Dietzel, Peter Kramer and Steffen Kukral, participated in another tournament with great success. The competition was ridden on Norwegian horses like Icelandic horses and Fjord horses. The German team won gold in three different disciplines, Individual Lance, Full Section Lance and Indian File. They took home the silver medal in the discipline Full Section Sword. Beside the German Tent Pegging Union, teams from Pakistan, the Netherlands and Norway participated. However, the German team stood out through their skills and successes. 

3. Deutsche Internationale Meisterschaften im Tent Pegging

Vom 7. bis 9. September 2018 fanden die 3. Deutschen Internationalen Meisterschaften im Tent Pegging in Crawinkel, Thüringen, statt. Neben drei deutschen Mannschaften nahm auch die englische Nationalmannschaft an dem Turnier teil. 

Im Rahmen der Tage der Kavallerie konnten sich drei deutsche Tentpegging Mannschaften sowie die englische Nationalmannschaft im Reitsport beweisen. Ausgerichtet wurde die Gesamtveranstaltung durch den Deutschen Kavallerieverband unter der Schirmherrschaft von Thüringens Ministerpräsident Bodo Ramelow. Über 1.000 Zuschauer fanden über das Wochenende ihren Weg in die Thüringeti. Turniersiegerin wurde Isabel Kühnel aus Frankfurt. In der Mannschaftswertung belegten Tentpegging Germany und die German Tent Pegging Union die ersten beiden Plätze. Die British Tentpegging Association, zu Großteilen bestehend aus Reitern der englischen Königsgarde, erreichte Platz 3. Außerdem nahm die German Tent Pegging Union stolz den silbernen Ehrentellerentgegen, vergeben durch den Bundesminister des Inneres, für Bau und Heimat, Horst Seehofer. Die deutschen Reiter freuen sich auf die Gegeneinladung des englischen Teams nach London 2019.